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Interface GeocodeRequestOptionalArgs

Optional arguments for a geocoding request.




Optional countries

countries: Country[]

The countries in which to search. Search performance is better with fewer countries.

Queries with form LocationSearchQueryForm.Full require countries to be present, and have exactly one entry.

Optional form

The form of the request.

Queries with form LocationSearchQueryForm.Prefix are preferred for user facing search fields or partial addresses, while LocationSearchQueryForm.Full is preferred when the search query is a complete address.

Defaults to prefix.

Optional limit

limit: number

The maximum number of results to find.

Defaults to 5, and cannot exceed 100.

Optional locationHint

locationHint: LatLon

A location indicating approximately where the results are expected to be. The results will be biased towards this location.

Optional matchTypes

matchTypes: GeocodeMatchType[]

The type of results to find.

Defaults to GeocodeMatchType.AllAddresses.

Optional timeout

timeout: number

The maximum time the search query should take, in milliseconds. Once the query exceeds this time limit, it will be cancelled and the results found (if any) will be returned.

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