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Telogis.GeoBase.Diagnostics Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.Diagnostics namespace provides the Log class to support logging to a file, console or a required target; and the LogEntry class to represent individual log entries.

Use the Log class to allow your application to log general information, debug, error and incoming/outgoing messages, among others. WithCategory(String) is used to create a logger with a category name of your choosing. The LogEntry class is used to manage individual log entries passed to the LogEventHandler delegate in order to trigger an event.

More information:

See the Logging Tutorial section of this help guide for more information about logging.

Public classAbstractLogger
An abstract logger class from which more specific logger classes inherit their methods.
Public classCaptureLog
For internal use only.
Public classEventLogger
Creates an EventLogger for handling a logging event.
Public classFileLogger
A class for creating a log file and writing log entries to the log file.
Public classLog
Allows applications to log messages. The actual work of writing the log messages is done via delegates, allowing applications to log messages to a file, the console, a window or any one of numerous targets.
Public classLogEntry
Represents a single log entry passed to a LogEventHandler.
Public classNullLogger
Public interfaceILogger
An interface to the ILogger.
Public delegateLogExceptionLogDelegate Obsolete.
Public delegateLogLogDelegate Obsolete.
Public delegateCode exampleLogEventHandler
A delegate that consumes log events.
Public delegateRequestStringDelegate
Called if the full request body is required for logging purposes.
Public enumerationLogDirection
A type containing valid values for LogEntry.LogDirection.
Public enumerationLogType
A type containing valid values for LogEntry.LogType.