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Telogis.GeoBase.Repositories Namespace

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A Repository is used to create a collection of data sources which your application may then use. Use a MultiRepository to represent multiple local data sources (GBFS files) and a SimpleRepository to represent a single local data source (one GBFS file). Both MultiRepository and SimpleRepository inherit from LocalRepository. For remote data sources, use the GeoStreamRepository.

More information:

See Using Repository Objects to Manage Data which can be found in the GeoBase | Data Files Concept section of this help guide.

Public classCompositeSmbPathRewriter
This class is for internal use only.
Public classGeoStreamRepository
A GeoStreamRepository uses one or more GeoStream servers to support local GeoBase services (such as routing and mapping).
Public classLocalRepository
An abstract class representing one or more local data sources providing GeoBase services (such as routing and mapping). To provide a local data source use either a SimpleRepository or a MultiRepository.
Public classMultiRepository
A MultiRepository supports local GeoBase services by pulling data either from one or more LocalRepository objects, or by loading all GBFS files in a specified directory. LocalRepository objects used by this MultiRepository may be added or removed on-the-fly.
Public classRepository
A Repository is used to manage GeoBase data. This data is required to support GeoBase services (such as routing and mapping). Each thread in your application may have its own Repository. See remarks.
Public classRepositoryDiscoverer
This class is for internal use only.
Public classCode exampleSimpleRepository
A SimpleRepository is a local repository type that supports local GeoBase services (such as mapping and routing) by referencing a GeoBase (GBFS) data file.
Public classSmbToPosixPathRewriter
This class is for internal use only.
Public classTableQuery
TableQuery is used to extract feature data from a custom table.
Public classCode exampleWithRepository
A WithRepository object is used to temporarily set Repository.CurrentThreadRepository within a using block. At the end of the using block, when the WithRepository is disposed, Repository.CurrentThreadRepository is returned to its value before the using block.
Public structureRepositoryBoundingBoxData
The BoundingBox data associated with a repository.
Public interfaceISmbPathRewriter
This interface is for internal use only.
Public delegateRepositoryDiscovererPathRewriter
A delegate used to rename the path to a repository.
Public delegateSimpleRepositoryValidateProgressDelegate
The callback for reporting the progress of validating a GBFS file.