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GeocodeAddress Properties

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The GeocodeAddress type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleAddressRanges
Gets the known street-number ranges for the result of this geocode. If this address is not a street, or if a specific street-number was provided as part of the search, null will be returned. If there is no known number data for this street, an empty array will be returned.
Public propertyCode exampleCity
The name of the city.
Public propertyConfidenceScores
The confidence that this address matches the Geocoded address. The confidence is only applicable to forward geocode results; it is not applicable to drill down geocode results.
Public propertyFormattedAddress
Returns a long line formatted string representing a structured address returned from a geocoding operation.
Public propertyItemInt32
Gets or sets the value of a field, given the field's index.
Public propertyItemString
Gets or sets a field given the field's name.
Public propertyItemString, String
Gets or sets a field based on the given language and field name.
Public propertyCode exampleLine1 Obsolete.
The first line of this address in the form "1234 Main St".
Public propertyCode examplePostalCode
The zip code of this address.
Public propertyCode exampleRegion
The name of the region.
Public propertyCode exampleStreet
The name of the street.
Public propertyCode exampleSubregions
The name of the regions within a city.
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