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GeoCoderReverseGeoCode Method

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Reverse geocode from a LatLon to a street Address. This method will return null if an address could not be found.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public static Address ReverseGeoCode(
	LatLon location


Type: Telogis.GeoBaseLatLon
Location to find.

Return Value

Type: Address
An Address or null.

The reverse geocoder will find the nearest street to the given location.

The street number is calculated using the nearest point on the street, and may be interpolated where data is unavailable.

If this method returns null check that you have map data for the location (LatLon) you are reverse geocoding.

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See MapCtrl for an example of reverse geocode usage.
Address foundAddress = GeoCoder.ReverseGeoCode(new LatLon(33.787935, -118.013866));
// Write out the first address in the array
Console.WriteLine("Found address {0}", foundAddress);
// Prints 'Found address 6830 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, Orange, California, 92845, USA'
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