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GeocodeAddress Fields

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The GeocodeAddress type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCode exampleBoundingBox
A bounding box containing the address. Only present if HasBoundingBox is true. If a bounding box is present then Location is set to the centroid of the bounding box.
Public fieldCode exampleConfidence
An expression of confidence of the geocoding engine in nominating this result as being the correct result. The confidence is a decimal number between 0 and 1; with 1 representing the highest confidence. The confidence is only applicable to forward geocode results; it is not applicable to drill down geocode results.
Public fieldCode exampleCountry
The name of the country that this GeoCodeAddress is in.
Public fieldCode exampleHasBoundingBox
Whether this GeoCodeAddress has a bounding box, in which case BoundingBox is set to the bounding box and Location is set to its centroid. Bounding boxes are only currently returned for region-level GeoCodeAddresses.
Public fieldIntersection
A LatLon representing the point where the address connects with the street network.
Public fieldCode exampleLocation
A LatLon representing the coordinate location of the address.
Public fieldCode exampleMatchType
Indicates the primary search method type that was used to find this result.
Public fieldMaxNumber
Represents the maximum value of the range of street numbers between which this address lies.
Public fieldMinNumber
Represents the minimum value of the range of street numbers between which this address lies.
Public fieldCode exampleNumber
The exact street number (if the exact street number is not available this value will be < 1).
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