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StreetData Class

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StreetData knows about a given street. Specifically, the location of the street and all the addresses on the street.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public class StreetData : IComparable, ISearchResult

The StreetData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCity
Returns the city that this street is in null if such a thing is not present.
Public propertyCollatedName
The name of the street (or streets if this object represents multiple streets).
Public propertyCountry
The name of the country.
Public propertyIndividualStreets
If the StreetData represents multiple streets (IsSingular is false), IndividualStreets provides a StreetData object for each of the individual streets that this StreetData describes.
Public propertyIsSingular
True if this StreetData object describes a single street, False if it describes multiple underlying streets.
Public propertyMaxAddress
The largest lot number on the street.
Public propertyMinAddress
The smallest lot number on the street.
Public propertyNames
All the names of the street.
Public propertyPostcodes
The postcodes of the street.
Public propertyState
Returns the top level subdivision of a Country that this street is in (could be state, prefecture, province, department, federal subject, district or region, depending on the Country). In smaller countries this could be the same as City.
Public propertySuburb
Returns the first subdivision of a city that this street is in null if such a thing is not present. (It could be called suburb or neighborhood depending on the Country).
Public methodCompareTo
Compare this StreetData object to another.
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetAddressForMileMarker
Get the location of the street.
Public methodGetAddressLocation
Get the location of a specified address.
Public methodGetAddressRanges
Get an array of the address ranges of the street. Each address range can be even numbers, odd numbers or simply a sequence of numbers.
Public methodGetClosestIntersection
Returns the intersection along a street that's closest to a given location.
Public methodGetCrossStreets
Get a list of all the streets that cross this street.
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetLocation
Get the location of the street.
Public methodGetMileMarkerRanges
Get the ranges of milemarkers that can be queried from this street.
Public methodGetStreetObjects
Gets an array of Street objects, consisting of street links.
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodMatchesQuery
Returns true of the query string matches the street name.
Public methodCode exampleToGeocodeResult
Returns the raw address used for a geocoding operation as a GeocodeResult.
Public methodToString
Returns the string representation of the street, using the AddressFormatter.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodToStringNoNumber Obsolete.
Returns a string representation of the street's region hierarchy, starting with the street's name and region, but without postcode numbers.
Public fieldSearchText
The search text that caused this StreetData to be returned by the DrillDownGeocoder. In upper case.
A "street" is a continuous set of links that has a common name and region.

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// Create a drill down geocoder to search for a location in the USA
DrillDownGeoCoder ddgc = new DrillDownGeoCoder(Country.USA);
// Search for a region named 'Aliso Viejo'
RegionSearchResult region_search = ddgc.GetRegions(2, "Aliso Viejo");
// Create a Region object using the region search result
RegionData region = region_search.Results[0];
// Perform a street search for 'Enterprise' within the found region
StreetSearchResult street_search_result = region.GetStreets("Enterprise");
// Create a list containing search results with a street numbers of 20 (drills down to 20, Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, USA)
List<GeocodeAddress> addresses_list = street_search_result.Results[0].GetAddressLocation(20);
// Check that the list isn't empty...
if (addresses_list.Count != 0) {
    Console.WriteLine("First address found is '{0} in city '{1}' at location '{2}'.", 
    // Prints out >> First address found is '20 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, California, 
    // 92656, USA in city 'Aliso Viejo' at location '33.584362,-117.730968'.
} else {
    Console.WriteLine("No results found!");
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