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Telogis.GeoBase.DataSources Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.DataSources namespace includes implementations of IPointFeatureSource which can be used when clustering.

Public classADODataSource
An ADODataSource can be used to retrieve data from a database, CSV file, or other ADO.NET data source.
Public classADOFeature
An ADO Feature contains the location and all the associated data for a feature from an ADO source.
Public classSimpleFeature
A simple implementation of IPointFeature. A SimpleFeature has a Location, Type and Metadata associated with it. When a cluster is summarized, SimpleFeatures with the same Type are grouped together. For example, if a SimpleFeature represents a vehicle then the Type might represent the vehicle's status: Moving, Idle, Parked, and so on.
Public interfaceIPointFeature
Represents an item that can be clustered with other items if they are spatially close together relative to the map zoom.
Public interfaceIPointFeatureSource
A data source used to get the IPointFeatures that are to be clustered.
Public delegateADORefreshDelegate
Used for data sources that are updated to request a new data reader.
Public delegateLatLonDataDelegate
Finds the location of the feature represented by a row in the data source.