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BehaviorAdapter Class

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Class that provides an easy way to override default MapCtrl behavior.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public class BehaviorAdapter

The BehaviorAdapter type exposes the following members.

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Public eventKeyDownEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a key down event.
Public eventKeyUpEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a key up event.
Public eventMouseDownEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a mouse down event.
Public eventMouseLeaveEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a mouse leave event.
Public eventMouseMoveEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a mouse move event.
Public eventMouseUpEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a mouse up event.
Public eventMouseWheelEvent
Fired when the MapCtrl encounters a mouse wheel event.

This class provides a number of events that are called when the corresponding event is fired on the MapCtrl. If no handler is defined for the event, the default behavior of the MapCtrl is observed.

It is expected that if you define a handler for key down or mouse down which calls MapCtrl's default behavior, (if defined) your key up or mouse up event will call the default behavior also.

Below is an example of how to use the BehaviorAdapter on a MapCtrl in a fictional class.
public class MyClass {
    MapCtrl m_MainMap = new MapCtrl();

    //Define a method to perform some action when a key is pressed.
    private void onKeyDown(Object sender, EventArgs e) {

        //do some stuff before key down behavior is invoked...

        //invoke the default behavior if the keys shift and control are not pressed.
        if(!e.Shift && !e.Control) {
            m_MainMap.DefaultMapCtrlBehavior.KeyDown(sender, e);

        //do some more stuff...

    //Add the onKeyDown method to the events performed by the MapCtrl's BehaviorAdapter.
    m_MainMap.CustomMapBehavior.KeyDownEvent += new KeyEventHandler(onKeyDown);
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