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LogicalStreetLink Class

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Provides a wrapper for one or more StreetLink sharing the same vendor and link ID.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public class LogicalStreetLink

The LogicalStreetLink type exposes the following members.

Public methodLogicalStreetLink
Create an empty LogicalStreetLink. The parameterless constructor is intended for serialization purposes only and should not be used for general use.
Public propertyCountry
The country containing the link.
Public propertyEndPoint
The last point of the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyFlags
The flags for the first underlying StreetLink.
Public propertyFunctionalClass
The functional class of this link. Used to determine optimal routes.
Public propertyHighAddress
The highest street number contained in the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyLinkId
The unique identifier for this link from the underlying dataset
Public propertyLinks
The underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyLowAddress
The lowest street number contained in the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyPoints
The list of LatLons making up the link.
Public propertyPostcode
The postcode on the left side of the street
Public propertySpeedCategory
The speed classification of the link, based on its posted or legal speed.
Public propertySpeedLimit
If the actual speed limit is not known, gets a speed limit estimate that is determined by additional flag data of the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertySpeedLimitSource
Gets the source of the speed limit data for this link.
Public propertySpeedLimitUnit
The units that the speed limit is presented in.
Public propertyStartPoint
The first point of the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyStreetName
The first street name contained in the underlying StreetLinks. Other names may also be present, and can be accessed by retrieving them directly from the underlying StreetLinks.
Public propertyVendor
The vendor of the street data containing this link.
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Public methodStatic memberGet(Street)
Gets a list of LogicalStreetLink objects containing all the StreetLinks in a Street.
Public methodStatic memberGet(StreetLink)
Create a new LogicalStreetLink containing all StreetLinks in the same street with the same link ID.
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