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Telogis.GeoBase.ImageUtils Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.ImageUtils namespace provides classes for managing images in GeoBase applications. Use the IconCache class to render Icons efficiently on maps and the ASPGraphicsUtils class to help when using Web applications such as converting bitmaps to GIFs (WriteToOutputAsGIF ) and PNGs (WriteToOutputAsPNG).

The ImageCompressor class is used to compress file sizes of images.

Use the RubberbandRectangle class to draw rubber-band selection areas on a map, and the ScaleBar class to add a scale bar with automatic scale marks.

Public classASPGraphicsUtils
Utility functions for image processing in ASP.NET applications.
Public classIconCache
Allows icons to be rendered efficiently on maps. Manages instances of icons and can perform rotation and creation of icons.
Public classCode exampleIcons
Contains constants for the built in icons.
Public classImageCompressor
Utility class to save file space by compressing images.
Public classPngCache
A cache of PNG images.
Public classRubberbandRectangle
Class to draw XOR rubber-band selection areas on a map.
Public classScaleBar
A ScaleBar shows the scale of a map with automatic scale marks.