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Telogis.GeoBase.ShapeUI Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.ShapeUI namespace provides the PolygonEntity and ShapeLayer classes to support the rendering of shapes on a canvas, and the manipulation of these shapes (adding, removing and moving vertices) in real time using a mouse.

More information:

See the Manipulating Polygons Tutorial section of this help guide for more information about logging.

Public classPolygonEntity
A polygon implementation of the shape entity type with relevant functionality for rendering polygons.
Public classShapeEntity
An abstract class which can be implemented to represent any kind of shape that can be rendered. The methods within this class are the base methods that every entity should require, but further methods will most likely be required to make any shape functional.
Public classShapeEntityEventArgs
Wrapper for events relevant specific to shape entities.
Public classShapeLayer
A layer that holds ShapeEntity objects that may be selected, edited, and rendered on a map.
Public enumerationShapeLayerMode
An enum representing the modes a layer may be in.