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AutocompleteGeocoderArgs Class

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An object encapsulating one-line arguments for Geocode Overload.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Geocoding
Assembly: (in Version:
public class AutocompleteGeocoderArgs : AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs

The AutocompleteGeocoderArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowedMatches
Determines how strictly address candidates are matched against the search query. For example, MatchLevel.Strict can be used when results must closely match the search query, not allowing for errors like spelling mistakes or nearby regions. The default is AllowedMatches.Permissive, which does not impose any restrictions on candidate matching.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyCountries
A list of countries in which to search. This property is ignored if CountriesZone is not null.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyCountriesZone
A BoundingBox that determines which countries to search. All countries falling within this BoundingBox are included in the search. Note that this does not limit the search to only those regions of the country covered by the BoundingBox. If a value of null is passed for this parameter, and Country is set to Country.Unknown, then all available countries are searched.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyCountry
The Country in which to search. This property is ignored if CountriesZone is not null.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyExcludedResultTypes
A bitmask representing the types of results to be excluded from the current search. By default, no results are excluded.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyIncrementalResultsCallback Obsolete.
A callback to receive incremental results as they are found, in addition to receiving the full results list on return. This property is deprecated, and is included only for backwards compatibility. If a callback is provided, it is called only once with the full results of the geocode operation.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyLocationHint
An optional LatLon value. The location hint adds a bias towards nearby results when there are more results than the results limit, and also influences the ranking of results. If you do not want to use a location hint, set this parameter to Empty.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyQuery
The partial address string for which to search.
Public propertyResultsHint Obsolete.
Deprecated. This property is ignored.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyResultsLimit
The maximum number of results that can be returned by any one search. The default is 5.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertySearchDepth
Determines the desired effort to find results; higher depths can result in better quality or more results, but can take longer to complete. The default is SearchDepth.Medium.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
Public propertyTimeout
Specifies how long the search should continue before terminating prematurely. Specifying a timeout of TimeSpan.Zero means that the search will not timeout. When a search times out, the AutocompleteGeocoderResult object returned contains all suggestions found prior to the timeout and has a status of Timeout.
(Inherited from AutocompleteGeocoderBaseArgs.)
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Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodToString
Returns a string containing a one-line argument for the location to geocode.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
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