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BoundingBoxInflate Method (Double)

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Make each side of the BoundingBox bigger or smaller by the given number of degrees.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public void Inflate(
	double degrees


Type: SystemDouble
The number of degrees by which the size should change. The sign of this parameter determines whether the box shrinks or grows. A positive degrees value causes the box to inflate, a negative value causes the box to deflate.
The box will grow or shrink on all sides by the number of degrees specified. If you have a box where P1.x = 10, P2.x = 15 and you specify 5 degrees then you get P1.x = 5 and P2.x = 20 (both sides have moved outwards by 5 degrees).
BoundingBox bb1 = new BoundingBox();
// Add arbitrary points in Los Angeles, USA.
bb1.Add(new LatLon(33.94, -118.34));
bb1.Add(new LatLon(33.78, -117.95));
// Inflate the BoundingBox width and height by 2 degrees. 
// Add to renderlist to view on map.
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