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AdasQueryQueryLink Method

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Retrieve ADAS information for a given street link. The street link is specified by linkId.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Adas
Assembly: (in Version:
public static AdasInfo[] QueryLink(
	ulong linkid


Type: SystemUInt64
ID of the street link.

Return Value

Type: AdasInfo
An array of AdasInfo for the given street link.
  • ADAS information currently only includes road slope information. Other ADAS information (such as radius of curvature for corners) is expected to become available in the future.
  • Often only major roads have ADAS information. Where ADAS information is not available for a given street link a zero-length array will be returned.
  • Typically the array returned will only have one element. However, in the case that overlapping (or multiple) sets of ADAS data are available this array may contain multiple elements.
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