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Telogis.GeoBase.Geometry Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.Geometry namespace contains classes for creating and managing LineStrings using the LineString class; the Polygon class for creating and managing polygon shapes using LineStrings or well known text (WKT), and the PolygonRing class for managing polygon ring curves.

Public classGeometry
An abstract base class from which geometries are derived.
Public classCode exampleLineString
A geometric line described by a string of points.
Public classPolygon
Represents the physical shape of a closed polygonal area such as a lake or national park. Not to be confused with a Polygon, which is a GIBObject containing geometries, i.e. an array of Geometry objects such as Geometry.Polygons.
Public classPolygonRing
Represents a closed curve that forms part of a polygon. This may be the outer perimeter or a ring around a "gap" such as an island in a lake.