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LinkEdit Class

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Represents a link edit (a customization of one or more street links to affect routing). A link edit may affect more than one link. For example, one created using a LatLonSelection without a heading, or one created using a PolygonSelection.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Routing.LinkEdit
Assembly: (in Version:
public class LinkEdit

The LinkEdit type exposes the following members.

Public propertyPriority
Determines the link edit's priority. Edits with a larger Priority value are applied in preference to those with a smaller Priority value. If two edits have the same Priority value then the behavior is undefined.
Public propertySelection
The ILinkEditSelection that selects the links that will be affected by this edit.
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Public methodGetHashCode
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Public methodGetSpeed
Gets the speed that will be applied to the links affected by this edit.
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Public methodSetSpeed
Sets the speed that will be applied to the links affected by this edit.
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