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Telogis.GeoBase.Routing.LinkEdit Namespace

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The Telogis.GeoBase.Routing.LinkEdit namespace classes LinkEdit, LinkEditDatabase, LatLonSelection, PolygonSelection and CompiledLinkEdits are used to generate a database of link edits; select links (the base units of which streets are composed); edit maximum speeds permitted when traveling along selected links (whether selected individually by location or as a collection within a polygon), and compile databases containing link edits.

Databases containing these edits, called LinkEditDatabases, can then be assigned to a routing Strategy.

More information:

See the Editing a Link's Permitted Speed tutorial for more information.

Public classCompiledLinkEdits
A representation of a LinkEditDatabase that is in a compiled form suitable for use on a RoutingStrategy.
Public classLatLonSelection
Selects a link for editing based on its location. A heading can also be specified.
Public classLinkEdit
Represents a link edit (a customization of one or more street links to affect routing). A link edit may affect more than one link. For example, one created using a LatLonSelection without a heading, or one created using a PolygonSelection.
Public classLinkEditDatabase
A database of LinkEdits. A LinkEditDatabase represents a special GeoBase Transactional Database (.gbtx file) that contains information for customizing the properties of Street links.
Public classLinkEditWarning
A warning that a problem occurred while creating a CompiledLinkEdits object.
Public classLinkIdSelection
Selects a link for editing based on its Link ID.
Public classPolygonSelection
Selects all links touching or intersecting with a given Telogis.Geometry.Polygon.
Public interfaceILinkEditSelection
Interface that is implemented by classes that select links for editing.