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Telogis.GeoBase.GeoFence Namespace

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A Telogis.GeoBase.GeoFence is a closed polygon drawn over a geographical area, which may be used to define either an area of inclusion, or exclusion. The Telogis.GeoBase.GeoFence namespace provides four GeoFence classes: CircleFence, PolygonFence, RectangleFence, and StreetLinkFence which all implement the IGeoFence interface. Use the Contains method to determine if a location is within a given GeoFence.

When using multiple GeoFences, add them to a GeoFenceCollection. This will allow all the GeoFences within the collection to be queried for a location inclusion/exclusion with just one call.

More information:

See the GeoFences Concept in the GeoBase | Common Concepts section of this help guide.

Public classCode exampleCircleFence
A circular-shaped geofence, defined by a center point and radius.
Public classGeoFenceCollection
A collection of one or more IGeoFences.
Public classCode examplePolygonFence
An irregularly shaped GeoFence connecting an arbitrary number of points.
Public classCode exampleRectangleFence
A rectangular GeoFence.
Public classStreetLinkFence
Create a GeoFence around the StreetLink upon which the given point lies.
Public interfaceIGeoFence
Implement to provide GeoFencing functions.