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FilteredGps Class

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In some instances (particularly at low speeds) a GPS device may report erroneous heading and speed information. FilteredGps encapsulates and filters the heading and location of a raw GPS device. It also provides the capability to report the location of the device ahead of time, using a prediction factor (see the FilteredGps constructor).

FilteredGps implements the IGps interface and may be used as a drop-in replacement for other GPS devices.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Navigation
Assembly: (in Version:
public class FilteredGps : IGpsWrapper, 

The FilteredGps type exposes the following members.

Public methodFilteredGps
Create a new FilteredGps from a given source GPS device, a FilterMode and a prediction factor (in seconds, see remarks).
Public propertyHeadingSpeedThreshold
If the inner GPS reports a speed lower than this threshold, then the heading is estimated instead of using the source GPS's heading. The units for this property should be the same as the speed units for the source GPS.
Public propertyHeadingUpdateDistance
When the inner GPS reports a speed lower than the HeadingSpeedThreshold the heading is updated when the vehicle has traveled this distance. The unit for this property is Meters.
Public propertyInnerGps
Returns the IGps member encapsulated within this FilteredGps object.
Public propertyPosition
Get the Position of the filtered GPS unit.
Public propertyPoweredUp
Determine the powered state of the (inner) GPS unit.
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Public methodPowerDown
Power down the (inner) GPS unit.
Public methodPowerUp
Power up the (inner) GPS unit.
Public methodToString
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Public eventGPSException
An eventhandler called when this GPS device experiences a fatal exception.
Public eventUpdate
An eventhandler to be fired when the position of this GPS device is updated.
Public fieldFixTypeChangeBuffer
This is the number of position updates that a fix must stay the same type before it will be considered to have changed to that type
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