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Telogis.GeoBase.Navigation Namespace

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The primary class in the Telogis.GeoBase.Navigation namespace is the Navigator class. This class is intended to guide the user to a given destination using regular GPS position updates from a connected GPS unit. The Navigator implements IMapRenderer to allow a calculated route to be drawn on a map.

The NavigationManager is a simple drop-in class to provide navigation services such as visual route guidance, audible announcements (NavigationEvents using the XmlWaveAnnouncer class) and GPS filtering. The NavigationManager can provide feedback using UI controls: a TurnBox to guide the user through upcoming turns and LabelBoxes to display the current address, speed, destination and ETA. These controls may be set using the SetControls(INavigationStatus) method.

A number of GPS classes (InteractiveGps, StaticGps, FilteredGps, NMEAGps, SimulatedGps) are provided for both real-world and developmental use, all of which implement the IGps interface.

More information:

For more information, see the Navigation tutorial here.

Public classCode exampleAfterTurnDistanceNotification
A Notification that will trigger once per NavigationEvent, at the specified distance after a turn.
Public classCode exampleBeforeTurnDistanceNotification
A Notification that will trigger once per NavigationEvent, as long as it is queried between its earliest and latest distances.
Public classCode exampleBeforeTurnTimeNotification
A Notification that will trigger once per NavigationEvent, as long as it is queried between its earliest and latest times.
Public classDefaultNavigationStatus
A class used to set which controls should be used by the NavigationManager.
Public classCode exampleDepartureNotification
A Notification that will trigger every time a stop is departed
Public classDistanceFormatter
A utility class to format a given distance (measured in radians) as a string, with trailing units.
Public classCode exampleDistanceIntervalNotification
A DistanceIntervalNotification is a Notification that will trigger every time the object has moved a specified distance.
Public classDistanceNotification
An abstract class used to handle distance notifications.
Public classFilteredGps
In some instances (particularly at low speeds) a GPS device may report erroneous heading and speed information. FilteredGps encapsulates and filters the heading and location of a raw GPS device. It also provides the capability to report the location of the device ahead of time, using a prediction factor (see the FilteredGps constructor).

FilteredGps implements the IGps interface and may be used as a drop-in replacement for other GPS devices.

Public classGpsAutomaton
A simple GPS class that takes a set of directions and advances a point when Advance() is called
Public classInteractiveGps
An IGps member designed for testing; an alternative to SimulatedGps. See remarks.
Public classKalmanFilteredGps
This class represents a GPS unit that uses a Kalman Filter to provide a smoother list of GPS points.
Public classCode exampleLabelBox
A LabelBox is used to display textual information above a map.
Public classCode exampleMovementCategorizer
MovementCategorizer provides a description, in the form of a MovementDescription or an image showing a schematic of the movement, given a Movement.
Public classNavigationEvent
Represents an event that occurs during navigation of a route. Encapsulated information includes the directions for the next intersection, time until the next movement and distance until the next movement.
Public classNavigationManager
The NavigationManager is a simple drop-in class to provide navigation services with the help from UI controls.
Public classNavigationManagerDynamicZoomer
The DynamicZoomer provides an interface for controlling zooming behavior of the map based on the vehicle's speed and distance from approaching navigation event.
Public classNavigationManagerZoomLevel
Create a new ZoomLevel, stipulating the MapOrientation (North or Vehicle Heading), and MapPerspectiv (2D or 2.5D).
Public classNavigator
Guides the user along a route using GPS updates.
Public classNavigatorKnobs Obsolete.
Class to allow customization of the Navigator through various parameters.
Public classNMEAGps
Represents a GPS unit conforming to the NMEA standard. See remarks.
Public classNoisyGps
NoisyGps encapsulates and filters the heading, speed, location and satellite fix of a simulated GPS device to more accurately reflect the behavior of a real-world device.

NoisyGps implements the IGps interface and may be used as a drop-in replacement for other GPS devices.

Public classNotification
An abstract class implemented to provide event notifications, such as just prior to making a turn or a notification that occurs every mile traveled. It is envisaged that this is used with a GPS unit.
Public classCode exampleRoundaboutExitNotification
A Notification that will trigger every time an exit is made off a roundabout.
Public classSchematicTurnBox
SchematicTurnBox draws a visual aid when navigating a turn or, more generally, a NavigationEvent.
Public classSimulatedGps
This class simulates a GPS unit by following a predefined set of points at the allowable speed limit. This class is intended for testing or demonstration purposes.
Public classStaticGps
A StaticGps is used for testing. It always has the same location and requires no hardware or resources.
Public classTimeNotification
An abstract class implemented to handle timed notifications.
Public classTurnBox
A TurnBox is drawn as a visual aid when navigating a turn (or more generally a NavigationEvent.
Public classCode exampleVehicleMarker
Used to display a vehicle's location on a map.
Public classCode exampleWaypointRouteCalculator
Provides methods and properties for a Navigator to route along a specified route comprising Waypoints.
Public structureGpsQuality
Describes the quality of the GPS fix.
Public structurePosition
The Position structure describes various attributes of a GPS unit (such as location, signal quality, speed and heading) as recorded from a GPS unit at an instant in time.
Public interfaceIAsyncRouteCalculator
The IAsyncRouteCalculator interface enables calculating a route asynchronously (probably on a worker thread), so that navigation can begin before the route calculation is finished.
Public interfaceIGps
Classes that implement this interface represent a connected GPS unit. The unit could be simulated, or an actual GPS unit.
Public interfaceIGpsWrapper

Represents a class that modifies or encapsulates another implementation of IGps, for example NoisyGps and FilteredGps.

The encapsulated unit could be simulated, or an actual GPS unit. IGpsWrapper inherits the IGps interface.

Public interfaceILazyRouteCalculator
The ILazyRouteCalculator interface enables calculating directions for a route lazily so that navigation can begin before we have finished processing the directions.
Public interfaceINavigationStatus
Supports navigational status messages (visual and audible) such as turn instructions, directions, ETA and GPS info.
Public interfaceIRouteCalculator
The IRouteCalculator interface enables users to use their own routing engine with other GeoBase facilities.
Public interfaceISimulatedGps
Represents a simulated GPS class that can be instructed to drive through a given set of points.

If an instance of ISimulatedGps is set on a Navigator or NavigationManager SetPath and ClearPath will be called automatically.

Public delegateCode exampleNotificationDelegate
Handles a Navigation Notification. See example.
Public enumerationDirectionQualifier
Adds further information to the DirectionType.
Public enumerationDirectionType
A driving direction, such as "sharp turn", "exit freeway" or "take a ferry".
Public enumerationDisplayNameMode
DisplayNameMode is used to control whether NavigationEvents include all names for the TargetStreet, or just the primary name. The latter mode may be useful when screen space is limited.
Public enumerationDrivingSide
References the driving side used in the country
Public enumerationFilterMode
Describes the filtering level for a FilteredGps device.
Public enumerationGpsFixType
Describes the type of the GPS fix: None, 2D or 3D.

A 2D fix (FixType2d) is sufficient to provide location information. A 3D fix (FixType3d) is typically required for routing operations and directions generation. This is because routing operations and directions generation require a level of precision that only a 3D fix can provide.

Public enumerationGpsQualityIndicators
These flags describe which indicators of the quality of the GPS fix are currently in use.
Public enumerationMapOrientation
Describes the orientation of a map. Used by the NavigationManager to allow the map heading to (optionally) remain aligned with the vehicle's heading.
Public enumerationMovementDescription
Used to describe different types of Movements.
Public enumerationNavigationManagerDynamicZoomerPerspectiveModes
An enumeration used for controlling the map perspectives for which the DynamicZoomer will be in effect.
Public enumerationCode exampleNavigationManagerMapMode
Used to set MapControlMode
Public enumerationNotifyType
A notification may be one of three types: A repeating notification, a notification before a turn or a notification after a turn.
Public enumerationSimulationMode
Used to choose the behavior of the SimulatedGps class.
Public enumerationTurnDirection
The direction in which a turn is to be made.
Public enumerationUnitSystem
References the type of unit system in use (e.g. Metric).