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WaypointRouteCalculator Class

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Provides methods and properties for a Navigator to route along a specified route comprising Waypoints.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Navigation
Assembly: (in Version:
public class WaypointRouteCalculator : ILazyRouteCalculator, 
	IRouteCalculator, IDisposable

The WaypointRouteCalculator type exposes the following members.

Public methodWaypointRouteCalculator(Route)
Creates a Waypoint route for the Navigator with the default MessagesBundle.
Public methodWaypointRouteCalculator(Route, MessagesBundle)
Creates a Waypoint route for the Navigator with a given MessagesBundle.
Public propertyCompleted
Returns true if all the movements have been described in the route.
Public propertyDirections
Returns the Directions for this route.
Public propertyForceWaypointOrder
Forces Waypoints to be visited in the correct order, if true. If false, then a Waypoint may be visited without one of the earlier ones having been visited. The default is true.
Public propertyMessagesBundle
The MessagesBundle, allowing for internationalization of route calculations.
Public propertyVehicleSpec
Gets / sets the VehicleSpec for this route.
Public methodCancelRouteCalculation
Cancels the route calculation.
Public methodDescribeNext
This method is called by the navigator to describe the next turn on the route.
Public methodDispose
Disposes of the WaypointRouteCalculator.
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Public methodIsRouteLegal
Called by the Navigator to check whether the current route is free from constraint violations and if not, apply a routing constraint so that the next route calculated will be different.
Public methodRecalculateRoute
Does the work of recalculating the route.
Public methodSetVisitedThreshold
Sets the threshold for deciding when a Waypoint has been visited. The default is 300 ft.
Public methodToString
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Public methodUpdatePosition
Update the GPS position.

For the Navigator to be able to use the route, create a route that contains only Waypoints, and then create a WaypointRouteCalculator with this route. Next, set the WaypointRouteCalculator as the Navigator's RouteCalculator.

For more information on Waypoints, see the API documentation, and the Routing and Directions topic in the GeoBase | Map Explorer section.

Route myRoute;
NavigationManager myNavMgr;
WaypointRouteCalculator wprc = new WaypointRouteCalculator(myRoute);
myNavMgr.Navigator.RouteCalculator = wprc;
myNav.Destination = myRoute.End;
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