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MovementDescription Enumeration

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Used to describe different types of Movements.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Navigation
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum MovementDescription
  Member nameValueDescription
Arrival0 Describes an arrival at a stop or the final destination.
BearLeft1 Describes a slight left turn.
BearRight2 Describes a slight right turn.
ChangeFreeway3 Describes changing from one freeway/highway/motorway to another.
ChangeLaneLeft4 Describes a lane change to the left.
ChangeLaneRight5 Describes a lane change to the right.
Departure6 Describes a departure from a stop or the start or a route.
EnterFreeway7 Describes joining a freeway/highway/motorway.
ExitFreeway8 Describes leaving a freeway/highway/motorway.
RoundAboutLeft9 Describes a left turn at a roundabout.
RoundAboutRight10 Describes a right turn at a roundabout.
RoundAboutStraight11 Describes continuing straight at a roundabout.
RoundAboutUTurn12 Describes a U-turn at a roundabout.
SharpLeft13 Describes a sharp left turn.
SharpRight14 Describes a sharp right turn.
Straight15 Describes continuing straight on the road.
TurnLeft16 Describes a left turn.
TurnRight17 Describes a right turn.
UTurn18 Describes a U-turn.
Unknown19 Describes an unknown movement.
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