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Alchemy Data Types

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This section describes the data types available for use in a Alchemy script. A brief summary of each data type is given below.

Data Types




Array A data structure consisting of a number of elements that are accessed by specifying an index. $name = ["US", "United States"]


A boolean can be one of three values: true, false or null.

$boolean_variable = true

$access_allowed = false


A data column within a shapefile table. A trailing question mark ('?') indicates that one or more cells in the column may contain a null value.



Hash Table A hash table is a one-to-one unique mapping between a key-value pair. A value may be retrieved by specifying the corresponding key. $hashTbl = { "GB" : "Great Britain", "NZ" : "New Zealand", "US" : "United States" }


Floating point and integer numbers are supported; these may be signed or unsigned.





Strings are a sequence of symbols (letters, numbers and some punctuation). Strings must be surrounded by double quotation marks (" ").


"1-2-3 go!"


Variable names must begin with a dollar sign ($) immediately followed by a letter. The remainder of the name may contain letters (A - Z, a - z), numbers (0 - 9) and underscores (_).