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Common Concepts

Read Common Concepts for a brief overview of commonly-used GeoBase features (such as maps, geocoding, routing and data queries).

Tip Tip

If you're new to digital mapping we recommend that you read this section first.

Map Explorer

When you have familiarized yourself with the most common GeoBase features, you might want to see an example of them in action. Verizon Connect GeoBase Map Explorer is a simple GeoBase application that showcases many of these features, so that you can get a feel for how these features work.


A variety of task- and feature-oriented tutorials are included with this documentation. Each tutorial will provide you with code that you can incorporate into your own GeoBase applications.

Developing Applications

The Developing GeoBase Applications section includes information you need to put everything together, such as how to package GeoBase with your application and the requirements for systems that run your GeoBase application.


See Internationalization for an introduction to internationalizing your application so that you can target different cultures and languages.