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Developing GeoBase Applications

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When including GeoBase in an application, there are a few things you need to know so that all the pieces come together.

Setting up your development environment

See Using the API - Quick Start Guide for information about using Visual Studio to create GeoBase applications.

System Requirements

See GeoBase Desktop System Requirements for the requirements of systems that run your GeoBase application.


See GeoBase Licenses for information about the different types of licenses you need for developing and deploying GeoBase applications.

Deploying your application

See Packaging GeoBase With Your Application for information about the files needed to package GeoBase with your application.

Accessing GeoBase as a COM component

See GeoBase Desktop System Requirements if you want to use COM to access the GeoBase functionality.

Using the most recent version of GeoBase

See Upgrading GeoBase for details on how to upgrade your GeoBase installation.


Parts of GeoBase have been constructed using open source components. See Acknowledgments for details.