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DataQueryQueryStreets Method (BoundingBox, StreetType)

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Gets an array of Streets, of the specified StreetType, that lie underneath the given BoundingBox.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public static Street[] QueryStreets(
	BoundingBox bbox,
	StreetType type


Type: Telogis.GeoBaseBoundingBox
The BoundingBox representing the area to be queried.
Type: Telogis.GeoBaseStreetType
The StreetType that should be matched.

Return Value

Type: Street
An array of Streets matching the specified type.

This method also matches Streets that pass through bbox and continue outside its area.
Further, Streets with BoundingBoxes that intersect bbox will also be returned by this method, thus it is possible that streets will be returned that appear to lie outside rect.

Note Note
The maximum number of results that can be returned is limited to 262144.
// Create a BoundingBox enclosing and intersecting with the streets to query
BoundingBox queryBox = new BoundingBox(new LatLon(33.634706, -117.900585), 
    new LatLon(33.633433, -117.899539));

// Create the QueryStreets array. In this case specifying a StreetType of 'STREETS'
Street[] queryStreets = DataQuery.QueryStreets(queryBox, StreetType.STREETS);

// Write out the results
string output = "Found " + queryStreets.Length + " streets in the BoundingBox: ";
for (int i = 0; i < queryStreets.Length; i++) {
    output += queryStreets[i].ToString() + ", ";
// Found 10 streets in the BoundingBox: Diana Ln, Deborah Ln, Sylvia Ln, Priscilla 
// Ln, Beryl Ln, Highland Dr, Santiago Dr, Tustin Ave, Santa Ana Ave, Orange Ave,
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