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StreetType Enumeration

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Enumeration of street types (such as highways, arterial roads and minor streets) used in queries. See DataQuery. A street of a particular StreetType can be made up of StreetLinks that return different types for the RouteFlag.FUNC_CLASS property. However, the majority of the StreetLink types will match the StreetType. For example, for a super highway, most StreetLinks will have a RouteFlag.FUNC_CLASS of type 1, but there may be a StreetLink with a RouteFlag.FUNC_CLASS of type 2 included as well.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum StreetType
  Member nameValueDescription
SUPER_HWY1 Super Highways
MJR_HWY2 Major Highways
SEC_HWY4 Secondary Highways
ART_RDS8 Arterial Roads
STREETS16 Streets
ALL255 Everything

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