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RouteStop Class

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Represents a stop on a route. Fields include the location of the stop, a description of the stop and the nearest intersection.
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Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public class RouteStop : IMapRenderer, IMapMouseHandler

The RouteStop type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleRouteStop(LatLon)
Create a RouteStop at the given LatLon location.
Public methodCode exampleRouteStop(Double, Double)
Creates a RouteStop at the given latitude and longitude coordinates.
Public propertyApproaches
List of AccessPaths that can be used to approach this route stop.
Public propertyAverageTime
Average time spent at this stop.
Public propertyDepartures
List of AccessPaths that can be used to depart from this route stop.
Public propertyDescription
Description of the stop. See remarks.
Public propertyDrawHandle
Set to true to display a handle on the RouteStop icon. The handle allows the user to rotate the heading of the stop.
Public propertyEnd
If true this stop is the end point for the route. See Start for more details.
Public propertyHeading
The heading for this route stop. This value will be used to choose which street this RouteStop belongs on - GeoBase will try to route to a street that is aligned with this heading. For example, this can be used to avoid accidentally routing from a cross street. If this value is float.NaN, then this behavior will be ignored.
Public propertyIconNumber
Sets the type of icon displayed for the stop.
Public propertyIdlePenalty
Used to specify a penalty for the idle time. When set, this value is used as the penalty for a TooEarly violation during Route Optimization i.e., the waiting time at the stop.
Public propertyIgnitionOn Obsolete.
Whether the unit's ignition was on when it was at this stop in the route history. Used when calculating a route highlight.
Public propertyLocation
Location of the stop point, as a LatLon.
Public propertyMapMouseEventsHandler
Gets the MapMouseEventsHandler for this RouteStop.
Public propertyPenalty
Represents a penalty incurred for missing the alloted window. The penalty must be greater than or equal to zero. A value of -1 indicates that the penalty has not been set.
Public propertyCode exampleRenderBrush
A Brush used to color this stop.
Public propertyRenderSize
Gets the render Size used for this stop.
Public propertyRequiredRendermodes
Gets the RenderMode required by this RouteStop.
Public propertyRoadIntersection
Point where you enter or exit the street network to get to this stop.
Public propertySpeed
Gets or sets the speed when at or passing the RouteStop.
Public propertyStart
If true this stop is the start point for the route.
Public propertyStopNumber
The Number of this stop. Set by the routing engine.
Public propertyTag
For external use - set to whatever you like.
Public propertyTimeSincePreviousStop
Time in seconds since the unit was at the previous stop in the route history. Used when calculating a route highlight. If this value is too small, the routing engine will fail to query an area that is sufficiently large in size.
Public propertyWindowEnd
Latest delivery time.
Public propertyWindowStart
Earliest delivery time.
Public methodClone
Used to create an identical instance (clone) of a RouteStop.
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodEqualsIgnoreStopNumber
Indicates whether the specified RouteStop is equal to the current RouteStop, excluding its StopNumber property.
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodHitTest(Point, IMap)
Public methodHitTest(Int32, Int32, IMap)
Public methodRender
Render this RouteStop.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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Public fieldDontLoadBefore Obsolete.
Array of stops whose load must not be loaded before this stop. Not yet implemented.
Public fieldIncompatibleLoads Obsolete.
Array of stops whose loads should not be carried with the load for this stop. Dynamite shouldn't be with matches. Not yet implemented.
Public fieldLoad Obsolete.
Quantity of goods to be delivered (or collected). Not yet implemented.
Public fieldSkillsRequired Obsolete.
Specific 'skills' that this stop requires. Must match a bit in the vehicle skills map. Not yet implemented.
A RouteStop holds information about a stop on a route. Such information includes a description of the stop.

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RouteStop rs = new RouteStop(new LatLon(33.584444,-117.731874));
// ^^ creates a new routestop at Telogis HQ

rs.Description = "Telogis HQ";
// ^^ sets description field, so if used as a destination the directions
// will read similar to: "Telogis HQ is on the left 50 yards after Beach Street"
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