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RenderMode Enumeration

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An enumeration representing the three stages of rendering, which are used by Render(Graphics, RenderContext) and RenderContext to control the priority and behavior of rendering objects.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum RenderMode
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Objects with a RenderMode of None are not rendered.
PreMap1 Objects that render PreMap are drawn before polygons are rendered - typically used for satellite imagery.
PreLabelling2 Objects that render in PreLabelling are drawn first, before labels are rendered.
Labelling4 Objects that render in Labelling are drawn after those that render in PreLabelling, but before labels are rendered.
PostLabelling8 Objects that render PostLabelling are drawn last, after labels are rendered.

RenderMode values may be used to give priority to the rendering of certain objects, entirely independent of their order in a RendererList.

When rendering occurs four passes are made over the objects in a RendererList. During the first pass, objects that implement PreMap rendering are drawn. The second pass covers PreLabelling, the third Labelling and the fourth PostLabelling. There is essentially no difference in the behavior of objects rendered in PreLabelling or Labelling, other than that PreLabelling objects render first. This is nevertheless an important distinction as it allows for two levels of priority in rendering before labels are drawn on the map. An example is BalloonPushPin which renders the PushPin icon in PreLabelling, and then follows up by rendering the informational balloon in Labelling.

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