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PolygonFlag Enumeration

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An enumeration of polygon type flags, representing different polygon features; for example lakes, cities and oceans.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum Flag
  Member nameValueDescription
Oceans0 Oceans.
States1 States.
Cities2 Cities.
Bays3 Bays.
Water4 Water.
Buildings5 Buildings.
Airports8 Airports.
Cemeteries9 Cemeteries.
Hospitals10 Hospitals.
IndustrialComplexes11 Industrial complexes.
MilitaryBases12 Military bases.
NationalParks13 National parks.
StateParks14 State parks.
CountyParks15 County parks.
ShoppingCenters16 Shopping centers.
SportsComplexes17 Sports complexes.
Colleges18 Colleges.
AircraftRoads19 Aircraft roads (runways & taxi-ways).
GolfCourses20 Golf Courses.
NativeAmericanReservations21 Native American reservations.
Countries22 Countries.
Counties23 Counties.
Islands24 Islands.
MergedLandPolygons25 Land.
MergedWaterPolygons26 Global waters.
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