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DistanceUnit Enumeration

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The DistanceUnit is used when requesting distance conversions.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum DistanceUnit
  Member nameValueDescription
FEET1 = NM * 6076.11549
YARDS2 = NM * 2025.37183
MILES4 = NM * 1.15077945
METERS8 = NM * 1852
KILOMETERS16 = NM * 1.852
RADIANS64 Returns the existing radians value
DEGREES128 Returns the degrees value
CENTIMETERS256 Returns the centimeters value
INCHES512 Returns the inches value
DECAMETERS1024 Returns the decameters value
Distance is first calculated in nautical miles by:
NM = radians_distance * 180.0 * 60.0 / pi
Conversion to the desired distance is then carried out by the formulas given above, where NM stands for nautical miles.
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