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Benefits of GeoStream

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GeoStream Benefits


GeoStream is designed as a plug-in alternative to GeoBase when local data sources are not required or available. This system has been designed around the concept of 'flipping a switch', making the transition from a local GeoBase database to a GeoStream server-based database as simple and as transparent as possible.


Using GeoStream, clients can cache their results to local disk, providing rapid access to previously viewed maps. A single, common, disk cache is maintained regardless of the number of running GeoStream applications, further improving performance.

In addition to delivering the map tiles required to the user, the GeoStream server also maintains 'smart caching' of queries and results in order to minimize traffic between the client and server, decreasing the response time required when serving a query.


A central server processes all requests, ensuring all users experience optimal performance regardless of their client.

User Management and Authentication

GeoStream permits per-user server access management; an approach that is not possible with traditional delivery solutions. GeoStream can also manage authentication and accounting at the protocol level.

Highly Detailed Maps

Because GeoStream automatically caches output, maps on the server can be far more detailed and complex than those possible with other, traditional client solutions.

Map from Client

Client Map

Map from GeoStream

Geo Stream Map