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GeoStream is a set of technologies that delivers GeoBase functionality over the Internet.

GeoStream consists of an integrated server and either a JavaScript or .NET client.

Using technologies like AJAX and JSON remotely, GeoStream provides performance equal to or better than a thick-client solution delivered over the web to a number of different development environments, languages and targets.

Tip Tip

Typically, a GeoStream server is automatically configured when you install GeoBase. For manual configuration, see the 'Advanced Topics' section below. A working GeoStream example may be found in the Start Menu if GeoStream was installed as part of the GeoBase SDK:

Start | All Programs | Verizon Connect GeoBase Developer's Kit | Example Applications | Map Explorer - GeoStream Mode

Note Note

The full Verizon Connect GeoBase SDK has not been certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Choosing the 'GeoStream-only' installation option will ensure that you are running only components that have been certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.



.NET GeoStream Client

  • Using GeoStream with .NET

    GeoStream.NET uses the same API as the core GeoBase library. This allows companies to develop from a single code base and deploy the map data and GeoBase engine either remotely or locally depending on the customer's requirements.

JavaScript GeoStream Client

  • Using GeoStream with JavaScript

    GeoBase JS is a JavaScript framework that contains all of the function calls of the core GeoBase engine. Developers can access the full spectrum of GeoBase functionality, in a browser environment to create AJAX-based Web 2.0 applications.

    This is a simple example and explanation of how to use GeoStream with JavaScript.

  • GeoStream JavaScript Tutorials

    Learn how to use GeoStream with JavaScript to create routes, find locations, draw maps, geocode and generate driving directions using your web-browser.

    You can also create your own JavaScript packages. This is the recommended method of implementing your own JavaScript GeoStream code.

Advanced Topics

  • Creating a GeoStream Server

    A GeoStream server is automatically configured when you install GeoBase. The topics in this section describe how to customize your GeoStream server and how to analyze its behavior.

  • Customizing GeoStream Maps

    You can customize the appearance of the maps provided by your GeoStream server in a variety of ways, including adding satellite imagery, data from a WMS server, or your own custom CAM (style) files.