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Customizing GeoStream Maps

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The appearance of GeoStream Maps can be enhanced in a variety of ways. The following topics describe the possibilities.

Satellite Imagery

See GeoStream Satellite Imagery for details on how GeoStream maps can be easily enhanced to include satellite imagery.

Web Map Services

Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard that defines a simple HTTP interface for data-centric map images. You can use any WMS server with your GeoStream server. See Web Map Services (WMS) for details.

GeoStream CAM (Style) files

Create your own customizations to the GeoStream map by creating CAM files with Verizon Connect GeoBase WorkBench. See GeoStream CAM (Style) Files for information about how to use GeoStream with the CAM files you create.

GeoStream Renderers

You can create your own renderer classes to create tiles that are overlayed on top of your GeoStream map tiles. See GeoStream renderers for information about how to create and use GeoStream renderers.