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VehicleType Enumeration

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Describes a type of vehicle

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Routing
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum VehicleType
  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 No specific vehicle type has been set. When applied to a Route, a VehicleType of Auto will actually be used.
Auto1 Automobile
Bus2 Bus
Taxi4 Taxi
CarPool8 Car-pooling vehicle
Pedestrian16 Pedestrian who walks
Emergency256 Emergency vehicle
StraightTruck512 Straight truck (as opposed to a tractor/trailer combination)
TractorSemiTrailer1024 A tractor with a single trailer
StandardDouble2048 A truck with two trailers
IntermediateDouble4096 An intermediate-length truck with two trailers
LongDouble8192 A long truck with two trailers
Triple16384 A truck with three trailers
OtherLCV32768 Other light commercial vehicle
Unknown65536 No information about this vehicle is available
Truck65024 Truck, combination of the different truck types
All65295 All vehicles
AllButEmergency65039 Any vehicle, except for an emergency vehicle
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