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RouteCustomCostFunc Delegate

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A function that can evaluate information about a link and return an additional cost for travel on that link.

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Routing
Assembly: (in Version:
public delegate void RouteCustomCostFunc(
	CustomRoutingInfo linkInfo,
	ref LinkCost linkCost


Type: Telogis.GeoBase.RoutingCustomRoutingInfo
A CustomRoutingInfo containing the flags for a link.
Type: Telogis.GeoBase.RoutingLinkCost
The cost of the candidate link. This will be populated when this delegate is called, and the delegate should adjust it as necessary
Supply a delegate with this signature in order to perform custom routing. The linkCost parameter will have the routing strategy's estimate of the cost for the link when your method is called. You should make any relevant adjustments to this value before you return that represent the cost of traversing this link.

This function can not be used with a GeoStreamRepository.

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