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LoadType Enumeration

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Describes a load carried by a vehicle. Hazardous loads should be categorized using a HAZMAT category (such as Hazmat_1).

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Routing
Assembly: (in Version:
public enum LoadType
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 An empty load
Hazardous256 Some form of hazardous load. You may wish to identify the particular hazard more precisely using a HAZMAT load type (such as Hazmat_1) or simply GoodsHarmfulToWater.
Agricultural512 Agricultural items (such as livestock, feed or produce)
BuildingMaterials768 Building materials (for example, timber framing)
NaturalResource1024 Some form of natural resource (for example, masonry)
AllHazmat256 This load contains items from each HAZMAT category
Hazmat_1257 Class 1 HAZMAT (explosives)
Hazmat_2258 Class 2 HAZMAT (compressed gases)
Hazmat_3259 Class 3 HAZMAT (flammable liquids)
Hazmat_4260 Class 4 HAZMAT (flammable solids)
Hazmat_5261 Class 5 HAZMAT (oxidizers)
Hazmat_6262 Class 6 HAZMAT (poisons)
Hazmat_7263 Class 7 HAZMAT (radioactive materials)
Hazmat_8264 Class 8 HAZMAT (corrosive liquids)
Hazmat_9265 Class 9 HAZMAT (miscellaneous, not covered by HAZMAT classes 1-8)
Hazmat_I266 Hazardous goods posing an inhalation risk
SanitaryWaste267 Sanitary waste
GoodsHarmfulToWater268 Goods harmful to water (such as oil)
Coal1025 Coal
Forestry1026 Forestry (such as unsawn timber)
Sand1027 Sand
Gravel1028 Gravel
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