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ArrowRenderer Class

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Used to render lines and arrows along an arbitrary array of points on a map.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Telogis.GeoBase.Mapping
Assembly: (in Version:
public class ArrowRenderer : IMapRenderer

The ArrowRenderer type exposes the following members.

Public methodArrowRenderer
Constructs a new default ArrowRenderer object.
Public methodArrowRenderer(Color, Int32, ArrowProperties)
Constructs a new ArrowRenderer object with the specified line color, width, and ArrowProperties.
Public methodCode exampleArrowRenderer(Color, Int32, ArrowProperties, Single)
Constructs a new ArrowRenderer object with the specified line color, width, ArrowProperties and miter limit. The miter limit is set to the .NET default if not specified.
Public propertyArrowProperties
The arrow properties.
Public propertyLatLons
The array LatLons to render a line through.
Public propertyLineColor
The color of the line.
Public propertyLineWidth
The width of the line in pixels.
Public propertyMiterLimit
The limit on the ratio of the corner thickness to stroke width. If the ratio would exceed the limit, then the join is beveled to keep it within the limit.
Public propertyRequiredRendermodes
Gets the RenderMode of the line and arrows.
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Public methodGetType
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Public methodRender
Render the given arrow and line graphics according to the given render context.
Public methodToString
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