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Alchemy Statements

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Alchemy statements do not return results. All statements are case-insensitive, however it is suggested that uppercase is used to differentiate between statements and other syntax.

Standard C-style comments are used: /* This is a comment */

Data Types

Alchemy supports the following data types:

For more information see Alchemy Data Types.


A subset of the Alchemy statements let you optionally assign attributes to the GBFS file you are creating. All of these statements are optional, but if you include any, they must appear in same order as they are shown in the following list:

  • OUTPUT - Sets the filename of the output GBFS file

  • DATASET - Sets an arbitrary name for this dataset

  • COPYRIGHT - Sets a copyright for this dataset

  • COUNTRY - Sets the name of the country that this dataset represents

  • UNITS - Sets the unit system that this dataset uses - Metric or Imperial

  • REGIONS - Sets the region information for this dataset

For more information about these attributes, see the documentation for the corresponding statements.


In addition to the Alchemy statements, Alchemy provides a number of functions to manipulate data.

For more information see Alchemy Functions.